Volunteers Needed for Children’s Liturgy of the Word

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Many of you either now or in the past have sent your 3-8 year olds to our Children's Liturgy of the Word sessions during the 9AM and 11AM Sunday Masses. This program is designed for Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 2 Children who come to Mass with their families, but have not yet received First Sacraments. At Our Lady of Humility, Children’s Liturgy of the Word starts the Sunday after Labor Day, September 7th.

A rotating group of leaders guide our children in the Bible Readings for the day by using the leaflets we order from one of the religious publishing houses, as well as through their own creativity, to provide a context of understanding for these youngest of parishioners. The children leave the Mass after the opening prayers, and return for the Eucharistic Prayer. We like to have a large enough group of Liturgy of the Word Catechists, so that no one has to lead more than once a month.

IS THIS A MINISTRY THAT INTERESTS YOU? Parents, grandparents, future parents, and lifelong aunts, uncles, or cousins are welcome.

Explore the possibility of joining this wonderful ministry, by calling Margaret Richter, the Religious Education Secretary at (847) 746-3744, or by e-mailing mrichter@ourladyofhumility.org.