A Special Thank You From LifeSource

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A Special Thank You From LifeSource For Donating To The Knights Of Columbus Blood Drive

Thank you for hosting your drives with us, and for saving lives right here in our community. You know that volunteer blood donations provide a safe and adequate blood supply for our community.

This time around, out of our 33 registrants, we had 26 donate Whole Blood, and 2 donate Double Reds. Since one Whole Blood Donation can save up to 3 lives, and one Double Red can save up to 2 lives, the 30 units that were collected at this drive will potentially save the lives of 82 patients!

Thank you for your efforts in recruiting donors the day of the drive.  Please extend our gratitude to everyone who gave unselfishly of themselves to help others.  Their generosity will help Chicagoland area friends, family, and neighbors in need, including cancer patients, critically ill newborns, burn survivors, accident victims, transplant patients, and many, many more who have illnesses requiring treatment with blood products.

As always, on behalf of LifeSource and the patients, who are the ultimate beneficiaries of your generosity and efforts, thank you for saving lives through the CTCA Blood Drive.

Again, thank you so much for your support.