Knights Of Columbus 2015-2016 Raffle Tickets

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The Knights Of Columbus Annual Raffle Tickets for the year 2015-2016 are now available from the Knights Of Columbus.  For a donation of $10.00, there are 52+ chances to win $100.00 each week, starting with the first Monday in September 2015, through the last Monday in August 2016.

How does this work you ask? Well, the Lottery Pick 3 Numbers on the Monday evening drawing (9PM Newscast) determine the winner for that week.  If the number on the Raffle Ticket in your hand matches the Lottery Pick 3 Number, the Our Lady of Humility Knights Of Columbus will send you a check for $100.00.

You can win multiple times throughout the year.  There are also additional chances during the Christmas Season if the Green Ball comes up.  There will be an additional GRAND PRIZE Drawing for $250.00 on August 30, 2016, of all Raffle Tickets sold.

This is a major fundraiser for the Knights.  Your support to help the Knights Of Columbus accomplish many Community and Parish activities is greatly appreciated.

The Knights will be at the Church exit doors after Mass throughout the month of August. Tickets will be available all year from one of the Knights.

They make wonderful gifts for all occasions, Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day, or just any occasion.  Please consider donating for a RaffleTicket or two.