Parish-Wide Landscape Improvements

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Have you noticed the changes in the landscape around the Church?  Well, a few weeks ago the Parish partnered with the Knights of Columbus, to improve the landscape around the Church.  Jason Becker’s Team (Becker’s Landscape Services) trimmed the bushes and trees (removed some also) around the Church. At the request of the Knights of Columbus, Becker’s Landscape Services then installed a new paved walkway by the Statue of Mary in front of the Church. Knights of Columbus wives, Beth Dermody and Sandi Shea, volunteered to design and plant a new Liturgical Flower Bed to enhance the reverential area around the statue, while Sir Knights Bill Dermody, Sr. and LeRoy Shea worked feverishly to gently scrub years of accumulated grime from the statue, and so reveal her original glory.

Please take a few minutes and stroll out to visit Mary’s Statue, and see the wonderful improvements they have all made. Here’s what you will see next Spring: Spring Flowers1

Mary, our Patron Saint, now newly cleaned, stands in front of our Church in a garden undergoing renovation. Among other foliage planted you will find: Bishop’s Cap, Crusaders, Lenten Roses, the Night Before Christmas, and Bethlehem Sage.

Still waiting to be added are: Cardinal Flowers and Resurrection Lilies.

Next Spring will mark the beginning of the new plant growth and blooms; watch Spring plantsthroughout the seasons to see the changes in Mary’s peaceful garden.

Thank you to all the volunteers on this phase of the project.

Once again, your raffle ticket donations at work for the Parish. Thank you for your continued support.

Oh Yes…  A paved walkway from the Church sidewalks (east and west) to the statue will be completed as soon as the funds necessary for this project become available.  You can help pay for this project by ordering an engraved paver brick in memory of a loved one or for any reason.  Please complete an Application (4” x 8” only – available on the table in the Church Vestibule), and submit it to the Knights of Columbus (you can drop off the Application at the Rectory to the Attn: Knights of Columbus).